Elderly Residence for Alzheimer Patients
Final Degree Project at Architecture School of Barcelona, 2009
(Politechnical University of Catalonia,  Spain)
General organization of the complex

The property in the project consists of:

- A resident of 96 assisted places of which 48 will be used for older people with functional dependency and 48 for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. It will be residential and comprehensive support to the activities of everyday users.
- A service center on 24 seats, integrated in the floors of the residence, also for older people with functional dependencies, providing daytime shelter and assistance to complete activities of daily living.
- Units of living will be raised on the upper floors from the first to the fourth floor, each unit is 24 users.
- The area will have a day care center and day therapeutic workshop report with 24 seats and is located on the ground floor.
- The centralized services are placed in the basement.
- The area of ​​research and teaching are also placed in basement and may be used by users around the Health Park, both the auditorium and the library.

Access is very obvious and poses traffic building schemes are clear and elementary. The day of the residence life is concentrated in the center of the building, both longitudinally and vertically, so that will encourage personal interaction and coexistence.

Apart from the service entrance, the access point of the residence and day care center is proposed on two levels and dumped in a general lobby and centralized control.

The provision of parking to service the building is central to the Park and Pere Virgili Health.

Special care has been put in the adaptation of the building and its spaces for disabled people, trying to use typological concepts that tend to shorten the routes users to access services.

Environment and Analysis
Floor plans
Façades and roof plan
Façades and longitudinal sections
Transversal sections
Constructive sections
Constructive sections
Constructive sections
Bedroom module
Structure plans
Air and electricity facilities
Water, fire and sewage facilities
Walking in the hall...